T.I.C.L. Day One

Today was the first day of the TICL conference.  It was a pretty full day with two keynotes and three breakout sessions.  The keynotes suggested similar ideas as I am currently focusing on.  It’s nice to realize that I am on the right track!  Two of the sessions I went to today were led by Dr. Scott McLeod from Iowa State University.  I have been following his blog and twitter feed for a while now and he challenged us to think about the roles we have in education.  I enjoyed having the time to talk and listen to other technology coordinators and the problems they have and how we can start to make improvements.  What challenged me the most today was when Dr. McLeod said, “Why is it unreasonable for teachers to take their kids to the computer lab to try out a new software without talking to the technology person first?  It’s degrading to the teacher to have to ask to do something.”

This caught me off guard a little and wasn’t sure how to respond.  Part of me wanted to say, yes teachers need to check with me before trying out something new, but then I thought, why?  Why should I have much say?  Shouldn’t the computers just be at a point where if they want to try something it just works?  As you can tell this has taken some time for me to figure out and I’m still not sure if it is right.  Regardless, this session definitely got me thinking about what my role in education is and what it might be.

On a side note: I hope the Internet works better tomorrow because I can’t stand being disconnected all day.  I’m glad my phone had Internet or I might have gone crazy.


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