Hidden features of JMC: Resources

I thought as we begin the next semester that I would tell you or perhaps remind you about some of the hidden features of JMC.  By now all of you have used the main features of JMC, such as: assignment scores, course grades, and midterm grades.  However, what many of you may not be aware of or maybe have forgotten are the number of reports that you can run.  These reports can come in handy throughout the semester for various tasks.  One of the most popular reports is the Blank Score Sheet report.   This report will allow you to print out a form similar to the red gradebook many of you may be using.  It will list all your students and you will be able to hand enter scores (with pen/pencil) without having to use the computer.

Another popular report is the Progress Report.  This report does require some setup but is certainly worth your time.  This report allows you to create a report for each of your students that lists all the scores you have entered in assignment scores.  Scores are listed by category, which many have found useful for identifying areas where students need to improve, such as their test taking skills.  The best feature of this report is the ability to enter your own comments on the report.  You can type as much or as little in the comments as you wish or you can select from a series of general comments.  There is also the feature with this report to email it straight to parents making communication much faster.

There are many more reports that you can use and I encourage you to do so.  JMC has created a nice tutorial video that goes through all of the reports.  Some will be in more depth than others, so if you do have questions, please let me know.  Here is the link to the video: http://jmcinc.com/resources/view/gradebook/


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