I’m jumping on the Twitter bandwagon…

In an effort to stay fresh and cutting edge, I am going to start using Twitter.  What does that mean exactly you may be asking yourself?  Well to tell you the truth I am not sure how well this is going to work, but here is my two part plan.  First I am going to continue to do my tech tips using my blog, but instead of having my blog act as a stand alone page, I am going to make my blog work a little.  Whenever I post a new blog, the blog will show up on my Twitter page within one hour.  This will allow my followers to receive updates, via Twitter, text message, or a third party twitter update application like TweetDeck.  If you decide you want to follow me you will receive an update in one of the preceding ways and can decide if my tech tip is something you want to look into.  This is the content publishing part of my plan.  The second part is a little more interesting and I hope many of you will decide to follow my lead.

Part two of my Twitter plan deals with continuing my development as an educational technology leader.  The beauty of Twitter, and most social networking sites, is that you are able to connect with people all over the world and interact in a meaningful way.  In the past this was limited to face to face interactions we would have at conferences and other meetings, which made it hard to learn new ideas.  Twitter changes things.  Twitter allows me to follow people that are leaders in my field, which I had been limited to in the past.  I am now able to follow people like Daniel Pink, David Warlick, and Scott McLeod.  The beauty of this is that I can see who they are following and follow those people too.  Instead of going to conferences and meetings to discover the next great thing, I am able to interact directly with these people and receive that knowledge first hand.  I am able to do all this from the comfort of my computer anywhere I am in the world, not to mention all the money I am saving in the process.

You can do this too.  I encourage you to think of the leaders in your content area or even someone in education that you think has some good ideas and check if they have a Twitter account.  If they are making semi regular Tweets you may want to consider creating your own Twitter account at www.twitter.com and begin following them.  This is free and easy to do.  It may take a you few minutes to get going, but once you jump in and embrace the system you may be surprise what you find.

If you want to follow me on Twitter go to www.twitter.com/dmourlam and click follow.  You will need to create an account first.  I also mentioned TweetDeck earlier.  It is a really neat application that will sync with your Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace accounts and when there is an update it will pop up on your computer.  You can download TweetDeck for free at http://www.tweetdeck.com/beta/.

As always, if you have questions or need help jumping on the Twitter bandwagon give me a buzz.


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