New Google Apps Feature: Groups

Over break Google released a new app called Groups.  Google Groups is a simple app that has great potential.  Groups allows you to see what email lists you are a member of as well as who else is a member of that list.  Google Groups also allows you to create your own personal groups/email lists.  This would come in handy for group collaboration in a classroom.  You can currently create a group in Contacts, but you are unable to share that group with others in the group.  Google Groups changes that and allows you to create a group that is shared with others in the group.  Another feature of Google Groups is the discussion board feature.  For every group there is a discussion board where members can post messages and have discussions on anything that matters to them.  For example, you could create a discussion thread on the Roosevelt Elementary School group that discusses classroom management strategies or create a discussion thread for your curriculum committee that lists meeting minutes or maybe information about textbooks you are considering.  Like I said, this is a simple app, but a useful one.

To get started, go to  Here is a video that will explain in more about how to use the app.


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