New Online Resource: Glog

I was doing a bit of catch up on some of the blogs that I follow and came across Glog.  Glog is like a blog only it uses pictures, video, and sound to deliver the message, rather than full paragraph text.  I was quite surprised as I started to use Glog for the first time at how simple the interface is.  Navigating and using the Glog interface seemed very intuitive and straightforward.  I was able to upload or link to any audio, video, or pictures.

I can see how useful a site like this would be for teachers who are looking for ways to break up the types of projects or possibly looking for ways to integrate more 21st century skills into their classroom.  I made a Glog to show you how it works and you can view it here:  I am sure you or your kids can do a much better job as I did mine with haste.  There is also a dashboard with a fully functional profile and communication mechanism if that would be of interest to you.  You are also able to search for a glog on a certain topic.  Here are some you can use if you are doing anything with MLK Day:

You can sign up for free at:



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