Problems uploading files to Google Docs without file extension

I have noticed over the last few days a problem many users are having with uploading files to Google Docs.  What is happening is a user will create a new Microsoft Office file, save the file and then upload it to Google Docs.  However, a problem occurs when saving the file.  When users click File, Save As and delete all the contents of the file name they are deleting what is called a file extension.  A file extension may appear to be extra characters in a file name, but they do serve a purpose by telling the computer what kind of file it is, such as a Word document or PowerPoint slide show.

This isn’t something to sweat however, because it is possible to recover the file even after you have uploaded it to Google Docs and deleted the original on the computer.  If you go to the file in Google Docs and download it to your computer and then rename the file to include the proper file extension, you will be able to access the contents of the file.  This assumes you remember what type of file it should be, such as a Word document.  Below is a list of common file extensions and the applications they belong to:

  • Word Document: .doc or .docx
  • PowerPoint: .ppt or .pptx
  • Excel: .xls or xlsx
  • Adobe PDF: .pdf

You can avoid this problem entirely if you create your documents using Google Docs from the get go.  If you click “Create New” and then they type of file you wish to create, you can make your file directly in Google Docs and skip any uploading steps and the potential for file conversion issues.  Then when you near the end of your document, you can download the file and make any final additions using Microsoft Office, iWork, etc.  Also make sure when you use Google Docs to use the latest version of Firefox.  There have been numerous issues with Safari.



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