The Digital Curriculum

I attended another round of sessions today and most of them were things that I need to know, like networking and wireless routers, and the such.  However, I did go to a couple sessions that many of you would have found interesting.  One of them was on the Digital Curriculum.  I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this breakout session since the three sentence paragraph describing the session was a bit vague, but nonetheless I attended and am glad I did.  This session was a very inspiring session that elicited the need for change in the way we are teaching our students.

This session started out by describing a classroom using some pictures the presenter had found and he asked us to guess the year.  As the pictures went across the screen I thought to myself, “well these look like some of the classrooms we have here in Cherokee.”  The kids in the pictures were wearing uniforms so I couldn’t tell what year it might be by their clothes.  As we came to the last slide I just assumed these pictures were taken just recently.  Then came the next slide.  The pictures were taken in 1978.  There was almost a gasp from many of the people in the room.

His point was that we are living in a highly digital and highly connected world, but our classrooms and the way we teach do not reflect this reality.  As the presentation went on over the next hour I listened to the presenter describe what the Digital Curriculum is and how it can be used.  The session I wandered into was making the case for going one to one with laptops for all students.

The presenter quickly explained that the digital curriculum is not something you can take off a shelf and use in your classroom and it isn’t a pedagogical learning theory and it also isn’t a technology tool we can use in the classroom either.  The digital curriculum is a conceptual framework for structuring schools.  One of the main problems with schools that go one to one is that the stakeholders can’t see how the increased technology will transform what they teach rather than only making minor changes to what they teach.

The digital curriculum helps ensure there is a prevailing digital component to every important component of teaching and learning in school.  Digital technology is the major feature but it is not the focus.  Rather the focus is on creating the ultimate enriching environment for learning.

I have attached the narrative the presenter gave us at ITEC.  I think this is where we are going to end up in the coming years as digital components begin to be crucial to our lives.  If you have any questions, or want to talk more about this let me know.



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