Voice Thread

Voice thread is an online collaborative application that allows multiple people to record voice, video from a webcam, and enter text that is then combined to create one single track about a certain topic.  I have used this a few times through my Iowa State master’s classes to share information about our projects we are working on, share our ideas about a topic we were studying, and also as an ice breaker activity where we told everyone where we were from and where we would live if we had no other obligations.

As education begins to focus more on the skills students will need over the next century, Voice Thread is a nice tool to help your students begin to collaborate with each other and begin developing some of their 21st century skills and literacy.  There are many different activities you can do with Voice Thread, from brainstorming ideas for a project, to reviewing for a test, to creating a digital story.  Here are some examples of a few Voice Threads that have been posted to their site:



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