Something that has been coming across my desk lately have been issues related to emails being caught by the Postini Spam filter.  I’m taking this opportunity to remind everyone how to check your Spam folder/emails as well as how to mark a sender as a “safe” sender.  Here we go:

There are two ways Spam is filtered.  One way is through the built-in Spam filter in your email.

  1. First things first, log into your email
  2. On the left side of the page you will see a list of all your folders/labels.  Click on Spam.  If you don’t see Spam, click where it say “1 More” or “3 More,” and then choose Spam
  3. Now you should see a list of messages that Google has classified as Spam.  If you see a message that is not Spam check the box next to the message and click the link towards the top of the page that says Not Junk.  This will move it from the Spam folder and put it in the Inbox as well as create a rule that allows messages from this sender to go directly to your Inbox.

Spam is also filtered before it even reaches your Google Spam filter.  This service is called Postini.

  1. Again, log into your email.
  2. This time, look for a message that says Quarantine Message Summary.  This email will list all messages caught by Postini.
  3. In the email you will notice there is a listing of the sender and the subject.  If you find a message that is both from someone you know and has a legitimate subject, the you need to click the “Deliver” link next to the message.  This will deliver the message to your Inbox and create a rule that classifies that sender as “Safe.”
  4. However, check your Google Spam folder as Google might also think the message is Spam.  If Google Spam catches the message, follow the steps outlined above.
  5. The Quarantine Message Summary will be delivered at most, once a day.  If you need to access your Postini Spam summary before then, go here: and log in with your email address and email password.  This will show all messages currently be held by Postini.



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