Something for my Language Arts teachers

I was introduced to a new online resource many of my language arts teachers might be interested in using with their classes.  It is called 60 Second Recap.  This Web site is very similar to cliff note or spark notes, but instead of being in text form, the site provides information about the novel via a 60 second video.  I was somewhat skeptical when I first viewed the site, but now that I have watched a couple book, yes watched, weird, I feel this can actually be of some use for students.  The library isn’t very extensive, but you can sign up for a free account and request a recap.  There are a lot of big name books, like: Pride and Prejudice, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Hamlet, Animal Farm, etc.

The site is quite interesting and if you have some time, please take a minute to check it out:


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