We need to realize that we can’t keep up with the changing pace of technology

I was just reading this article and it was talking about the frustration staff and students experience when a new app is released and the instructor changes mid course.  I instantly thought of how fast technology changes and how we cannot maintain that pace in education.   Technology will always evolve faster than we can keep up, therefore it is important to think about that when we begin using new technology innovations in our classrooms.  Even though an application of any said technology may be “outdated,” it doesn’t mean we need to change immediately.  Change is good and we need to remain relevant by changing with our environments, but we need to think about how a new innovation will impact our students’ learning before making the decision to change.  Is the relative advantage of changing greater than that of maintaining our current practice?  If not, it’s okay to not adopt the new innovation until a later date.


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