The time for talking has ended, we need to start doing the things we are talking about

I’m sitting here in my office at the end of the week thinking back on some of the things I have done, heard, and saw this week.  The one thing that has stood out is the amount of talk about how we should improve, change, and transform education because it isn’t good enough as it stands.  This seems to have consumed my PLN lately, which has made me tune out to an extent, not because I don’t think it is important to talk about how we need to improve education.  I think it is important to do this, but I’ve been left wanting more and more from my PLN and I’m not getting it.  I want to know what others are doing in their classrooms to make education better.  How did it impact your students?  What are your reflections on what you did?  What would you change for next time?  This conversation seems to be missed in most of the blogs and tweets I have been reading in the last few days, and even the last few weeks.  Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places, and if that is the case, please point me in the right direction.  It almost feels like I’ve been sitting in the teachers lounge for the last little while and I can’t seem to get out.  Please help by letting everyone know the great things you are doing!

I’ll start.  This past week I have been working on crafting and promoting our message to various stakeholders for the grant project I am working on.  The goal of the grant is to prepare more highly effective teachers to help boost student achievement.  This is done through the use of a Teacher Performance Assessment, which has yet to be developed, but we have a general idea of what it looks like (see PACT and TPAC).  Before we can begin working with university faculty and K12 faculty, we need to get our message out and let everyone know what we are about, which is what I’ve been working on in an attempt to make education better for the nation’s youth.  Not too exciting, but it’s a start.


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