#IWB Training at UNI


Last year the university purchased a number of Promethean IWBs for the faculty to use, mainly because this is what their students will be expected to use when they begin their methods and student teaching courses.  Many schools have IWBs, but most use them incorrectly or not effectively (see Dr. Z’s post).  This is the case at the university as well and I have joined a group that is looking at how we can provide some training for UNI faculty that will aid in the diffusion of IWB use in more meaningful and appropriate ways.  We have a basic idea in place, but we would like to have additional resources for faculty to have access to since it is nearly impossible to provide specific integration ideas for every content and context.  So in an attempt to share information from experts from around the world, I have created a Google Doc that is open to the rest of the world where everyone can add their own resources, ideas, and how they have used IWB effectively in their classrooms.  I’ve never done anything like this before, but am really interested to see if I can leverage social networking (Twitter and Facebook) to reach a wider audience.

If you would like to participate, and I certainly encourage you to do so, click here: bit.ly/aBWYp


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