#i11i Pre-Conference Excitement

#i11i Name TagTomorrow is the Iowa One-to-One Institute in Des Moines. This is the second year of the conference and my first time attending.  This is also the first time I will be presenting as part of a group of educators from UNI.  Our session is “Higher ed is listening: Tell us how you believe preservice teachers should be prepared for the realities of teaching in a 1:1 school.”  With such a large number of school districts in Iowa making the jump to one-to-one next year, I’m interested to hear how teachers, administrators, and other educators think the role of teacher preparation has changed due to the increase presence of technology in the classroom.

Others presenting with me will be Drs. Leigh Zeitz, Mary Herring, Nadene Davidson, as well as Robin Galloway, and Megan Balong.  Our session begins at 11:30 in room 204H.  Stop by and take part in the conversation.

One session I’m looking forward to is a session about the role of social media in education and how Iowa educators are using it to connect with others throughout the state and world.  Truly an area I see education heading an an unstoppable speed.  I have high expectations going into this conference and can’t wait until tomorrow to begin learning with my colleagues from around the state.

If you are unable to attend the conference you can still take part in the learning at a distance.  Follow the #i11i hastag on Twitter and be a part of the conversation.


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