Iowa Mentoring and Induction Institute


Today and tomorrow I’ll be attending the Iowa Mentoring and Induction Institute in Cedar Falls. Looking at the agenda a very clear theme is effective teaching, which has been something I’ve been emerged with over the last year. This morning the keynote speaker was Linda Darling Hammond which truly was a treat. What I left her keynote with was the fact that we need to teach our students to learn to learn. We no longer are able to teach our students static content because the rate with which content changes is so rapid that what students learn their Freshman year will out dated by the time they enter their sophomore year. So our challenge as educators is preparing our students for a world where content evolves very quickly, but how do we do that effectively and in a way that closes the achievement gap? The answer is to begin teaching our students to learn to learn. This will allow them to learn the content they need when it matters most to them. This is a different path forward than what has been done in the past but if we are going to remain relevant, this is the only path forward.

I’ll try to post a little more throughout the conference, but what do you think about effective teaching? Keep the conversation going by leaving a comment or better yet, take this conversation back to your school and community.


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