#iPad app of the week: Adobe Photoshop Express

Today I’m highlighting the app Adobe Photoshop Express. This is an app that I’ve had on my Android phone for quite some time.  It is an excellent app for doing minor photo editing on the fly.  Some of the features of this app are: cropping, straightening, rotation, exposure, tint, black and white, contrast, effects, and much more.  The best feature in my opinion is when finished editing a new file is created for the edited picture.  This comes in handy if you ever want to make multiple edits to the same picture or if you are like me and tend to make a number of mistakes when learning how to edit pictures. Having said that, if you ever make a mistake you just need to push cancel instead of OK, so there should really never be a situation you need to use the original image.  That is unless you do choose OK followed by Save inadvertently.  Speaking of editing the pictures, editing couldn’t be any easier.  Just move your finger from left to right until you have the picture looking like you want it to. There is also a sharing feature to the app, which makes it nice when sharing with Facebook.

As I think about the possibilities of Adobe Photoshop Express and education, I think about how powerful this app could be in a photography course at any level.  Send students out into their environments with a camera or iPad 2 and have them make edits to their pictures on their iPads.  Then they could share their pictures through a blog, website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  While I don’t pretend to know anything about art, but I would imagine that regardless of the software used, the underlying principles of photography could still remain intact using this type of technology.

Adobe Photoshop Express is an app I haven’t used much on the iPad, but is very nice nonetheless.  The app is free and I would recommend it to anyone. Below is a picture I edited on the iPad along with the original.  While my photoshop skills may be subpar, this should still give you an idea of what it can do.  The picture on the right is the original.  This picture was not taken on the iPad 2.


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