#iPad app of the week: Flipboard

I’ve started out a little slow with my blog series so I’m going to try and catch up over the next few days. Today I’m highlighting the app Flipboard. I wasn’t sure what to think when I first downloaded Flipboard. It seemed like an okay app, but I was used to reading my news and blogs via other methods, let’s say very PC like. However, as I played with it more I discovered that the app connects to both Facebook and Twitter, so I went ahead and activated those settings and this was where the power came through for this app. The way Flipboard displays linked content from a tweet has changed how I consume content. Before I had to click on the link in tweet deck to see the website,but now there is a preview of the site within Flipboard and I can load the full site from within Flipboard, which makes it easier to return back to my Twitter feed once I’m done with the article. Other useful features are the ability to follow both Twitter searches and Twitter users, read blogs from Google Reader, and the ability to share with other social networks.

Of all the apps I use on a consistent basis, this is the app I use the most. It is a content consumption app, but a very good app that has changed my PLN for the better. It has made me more productive and informed. The app is free and I would recommend it to anyone. Below are some screen shots.






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