#iPad app of the week: Add to Home Screen

This is a quasi-app but is valuable nonetheless.  For many things I do and access there aren’t apps.  I could bookmark these places in Safari and just open the Safari app everytime I wanted to go to those locations, but that seems to be very cumbersome, well at least to me.  I don’t like taking extra steps to get to a location, so for me, I like to create an “app-style” button for my home screen for all the places I go that don’t have apps associated with them.  An example of this would be the Iowa Core.  There isn’t an app for the Iowa Core, but I need to access it often.

Here’s how you do it:

Find a website or page you want to create a app for

First begin by opening Safari and going to a place you frequent.

Press the share button and choose Add to Home Screen

Next touch the share button left of the URL bar and choose Add to Home Screen from the list.

Give it a name and touch Add

Now give your “App” a name and touch Add.  Also notice that a tumbnail of the site is created.  I’ve found that if the site has a favicon that it will use that, but if not it just uses a screen shot of the site.

App square shows up on your Home Screen and functions just like an app

Once you touch Add, you will be taken to the “App” on your Home Screen where you can move it, say into a folder.  I do this for common things, like the Core and UNI websites.

I really do prefer using the Add to Home Screen feature since it saves me time.  I learned about this trick when I first started using my iPad and have since made it habit.  However, this doesn’t mean what you are doing will be any less efficient.  If you already have something in place for those sites that don’t have an app, then keep doing what you’re doing.  I however, prefer to use this method since it works for me, which should be the goal and purpose of any tech you use.  It should work for you.

So this “app” is free and works for any website you access.  I consider this a content consumption app and highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for ways to save some time when accessing sites that don’t have an app associated with them.


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