TQP Technology Support Group

TQP Technology Support Group

Today was the inaugural TQP Technology Support Group meetings.  The purpose of these meetings is to get TQP faculty together to learn about the technology we are using in the grant.  It gives everyone time to step away from the hustle and bustle of the regular work day to take some time to first learn one new technology and then how to use that technology in a meaningful way in the classroom.

If you’ve been following UNI TQP you might know that the faculty are using iPads with their courses as well as once they go into the field for the clinical experience.  However, there is so much any one person could learn about the iPad that it’s often difficult to plan training during our monthly faculty meetings.  So instead we took a different approach and decided to find a time when the faculty that were interested could come together and learn how to use some of the technology.  This would be separate from everything else we do with TQP, but still connected to the underlying objectives we hope to achieve.

While the majority of the sessions will focus on the iPad, soon they will expand to other technologies, such as BlackBoard, video cameras, and video conferencing.  Today we talked about the camera app on the iPad.  You can catch a synopsis of the session over at the iPad Blog.

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