I’m guilty of it too…

I was asked today by a colleague on Twitter for some resources for IWBs and as I was thumbing through my blog for different posts that could help him out, I came across this one: https://dmourlam.wordpress.com/2010/10/14/worksheets-in-google-docs-a-dilemma/.  This is a post that I brought over last year from my old blogging platform and is one of the first blogs I wrote after going to Google Apps.

Now if you read my blog regularly and know me, I can’t stand having technology just added to current teaching practices.  But, alas, I must admit.  I’m guilty of it too.  In this blog post I explain to teachers in my school how to create worksheeets using Google Docs.  Oh the horror!  How could I do something like that!!

Well the truth is that we learn everyday and we make mistakes.  Failure is part of the learning process and what we do after we fail is what matters.  So yes, I made a mistake and just added technology onto what we were already doing.  Do I know better now, some two years from when I penned the post?  Of course and that’s why I’m going to move promptly to that post and add a comment explaining an alternative to doing worksheets in Google Docs.  One that gets at the real power of the technology.


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