Use, Integration, Innovation

When I was at ITEC, I attended a session with Punya Mishra about TPACK and one of the talking points he had was around the type of technology adoption we have in education.  He made the argument that there are three levels of technology adoption: use, integration, and innovation.  I think this gives us a great way to think about the role technology has in the learning environment we create for our students.  But I think it’s important to think about how we define each of the terms.  Here’s my definitions:

  • Use: Computer technology is employed to complete routine, regular tasks.  The technology provides very little in terms of learning opportunities that would not have been available without the technology.
  • Integration: Computer technology is interwoven into the learning environment to enhance the learning experiences of the students.  The instruction changes some, but overall, the teaching remains mostly teacher-centric.  The technology provides some variance in terms of learning opportunities that would not have been available without the technology.
  • Innovation: Computer technology is deployed to change the type of learning to be student-centered.  The type of tasks, projects, and activities are very different, likely eliciting critical thinking, problem solving, and higher order thinking skills.  Students are likely working collaboratively with students both physically close and distant.  The technology transforms the learning opportunities that would not have been possible without the technology.
These are my definitions and no one’s but my own.  I don’t have any research to support what I’m saying (although there is an argument that I could find various sources), so take this with a grain of salt.  But I think there is value in talking about what WE think is effective teaching.  It let’s us focus on what we are doing and ask ourselves, “Am I really changing for the better by doing X?”  I think these three terms are a great way to frame self reflection when it comes to technology use in education.  So my question to you is, how do you define these three terms and where do you fit?

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