My QR Code Checkout System

QR Code Checkout System

With all the camcorders we are sending out with our UNI students it is going to be important to keep track of who has the equipment and when it comes and goes.  I ended up not having time to do this for the first round of TQP field experiences that took place a few weeks ago, but now that everything made it back I decided I better come up with some kind of solution before we add 6 more courses next semester and 12 more faculty next year.

So what I decided to do was to use a QR Code connected to a Google Form, which serves as my chechout/in system for all our equipment.  So what essentially happens is a TQP team member will scan the QR Code on the camcorder (see picture) and then will load the website.  On the website the form asks for the the student’s name, the type of device they are checking out, the number associated with the device, and then there is a checklist of equipment that is going out with the student.

The workflow is as follows:

  1. the code is scanned,
  2. form filled out noting all the equipment that is going out with the student,
  3. student takes equipment to field experience,
  4. student brings equipment back to TQP office after field experience,
  5. code is scanned again,
  6. equipment is checked to make sure everything is there and if there are any damages, and
  7. then the form is submitted to finalize the checkin.

I required the form to require a login from users via the UNI Google Apps system and then I collect the username/email of the person filling out the form.  This should help prevent anyone from filling out the form but not turning in the equipment.  When the form is completed a confirmation email is sent out to the person completing the form which can then be emailed to the student as a form of receipt.

Anyway, that is my QR Code checkout system. You can create a system just like this too.  Just create a Google Form with the required information and then create a QR Code for the URL.  Print the QR Code on a label (I used the permanent Avery 6570) and affix to your device/item.  Then download any QR Code (I am using Qrafter) reader for your device (iOS, Android, Blackberry) and start scanning.


7 thoughts on “My QR Code Checkout System

  1. I’m trying to do something slightly different with Google Forms and QR codes and wondered if you had any ideas. I’m hoping to encode unique data to a bunch of QR codes (got this part done), and then submit that data via Google Form when the code is scanned (this is where I’m stuck). That is, I’m trying to skip the part about manually filling out the form and just pull in the information contained in the QR code. Thoughts?

  2. I had wanted to do something similar, but I don’t believe that Google Forms is able to do this. I know for me, I wanted the scanning of the QR code to fill in the type of camcorder and it’s number, but unless I did multiple forms, this wouldn’t be possible. If you figure out how to do it, leave another comment so I can give it a try.

    Thanks for commenting.

  3. Hello… I was trying to make a similar system set up but with a much simpler workflow…

    I needed to have 3 rows of column in google spreadsheet – Username (A), Job number (B) and retrieval date (C).

    The idea is to have a QR code set for a series of data from A and B…

    A user scans QR A (which logs their respective name on col A. Scans the job number (B) which logs it on col B. The 2 scans would complete a sequence to input the current date on col C.

    I was wondering if this is possible?

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