Keeping Passwords Straight

If you’re like me, you probably have passwords to about a million different websites and devices.  Keeping track of them all can be cumbersome at best, especially if you are required to change some of them every few months.  So what’s a guy or girl supposed to do?  Here are some tips that will hopefully save you some time:

  • Write down your passwords in a place where you will be able to access them at anytime.  I suggest creating a google doc or a note in software like evernote that will allow you to access them at anytime.  (I like to include the URL or name of the device the password belongs to, as well as the username associated with the account)
  • Create a strong password and use it for multiple accounts, websites, and/or devices.
  • If you have to change a password frequently, keep the same basic password, but simply add another character to the password you originally had.

What’s interesting about this post is that as I’m writing, Senator Chuck Grassley’s Twitter account was hacked and is sending out a variety of tweets, which certainly aren’t from the senator.  So be sure to choose a password that will be easy to remember, but one that is still secure enough that any common Joe couldn’t figure it out.  I usually have the following characteristics in my passwords…usually:

  • Lowercase letter(s)
  • Uppercase letter(s)
  • Special character(s) (pick any from the number row on your keyboard)
  • A number(s)

In the world we live in usernames and passwords are the name of the game.  We need to have these things and ultimately they become part of our identity online.  You shouldn’t be limited by not knowing your password(s).  This is part of digital literacy and is something we all must learn to do second hand.  Otherwise it won’t be possible to interact in the world we live in and we will ultimately become irrelevant.


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