In Search of Authentic Tech Integration Examples

I’m in the process of designing professional development opportunities for faculty and students in the College of Education at UNI. This past semester we did a number of short, informal professional development sessions that targeted areas where faculty and students felt they needed additional development. I’m following a similar process for this coming year, but I’m wanting to introduce more authentic examples of lessons, projects, etc., that use technology so we can analyze how the technology is being used and to simply show what some of the possibilities are. I’m not an expert in all content areas, so it does get difficult when we try to find ways to use technology in a subject, say world languages, because I don’t really understand the subject matter or how it is taught. We can get there, but it takes time, which is precious. 

So what I’m endeavoring to do over the summer and even moving forward, is to work with practicing educators to find examples of technology use in their courses. These could be things like a lesson plan, project, assignment sheet, blog post, or even just a general note about how technology is being used to teach a concept. I’m not looking for anything profound. Just how are you using technology and is there a way we can capture it so I can share it with others.

I’m also looking for examples of when technology hasn’t really worked out as expected or if it was just a poor use of technology. There’s this assumption that many have with any technology improving the learning when often that’s not the case. I feel there’s a benefit from looking at these kinds of examples, because we can identify why it’s ineffective and how we can make it better or do things differently.

So I’m asking for your help. PLEASE send me links, attachments, copies, etc. of how you are using technology in the classroom to teach. They can be good, bad, or somewhere in between. It’s important to see what you are doing, because that is the context we are preparing future teachers to go into. Here is the list of topics I am looking at right now. It is a very rough draft of what I collected from a survey, but it’s where I’m starting from. And yes, I know it is very technocentric, but that’s not how it will end up. 

  1. iPads in all subject areas
  2. Digital Storytelling in Elementary Education and Literacy Education
  3. Social Media in Secondary Science, Elementary Education, Social Studies, and Mathematics
  4. Google Drive/Apps in all subject areas
  5. Interactive Whiteboards in Elementary and Literacy Education and Level 2 Field Experiences
  6. Streaming Video (Podcasting/Panopto) in PE, Secondary Science, and Elementary Education
  7. Web 2.0 (Blogs/Wikis) in Elementary Education and Special Education
  8. Clickers (Poll Everywhere/Handhelds) in Elementary Education and Special Education

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