Your Students Aren’t Motivated Because They’re Bored!!

Day 2 - Boring

A recurring theme this week, both at work and as I’ve perused Twitter, has been the lack of motivation students have for learning. Yet when we look at the learning experiences these unmotivated students are often relegated to sitting through, such as day after day of the same instructional technique, often one centered around the teacher, the problem isn’t motivation. It’s that they’re bored. I’d be bored too if I had to sit through the same thing day, after day, after day, after day…

Often the lack of motivation observed in the classroom is directly related to the level of engagement students have in the learning experience. If all we’re doing is repeating what the book or the teacher just said, why should we be motivated? Why should we care? I wouldn’t. So next time you think your students aren’t motivated, ask yourself, what kind of thinking are they doing and would you be motivated to learn? Would you be bored?

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