Why Teachers Need to Embracing Being Uncomfortable

“The worst thing that can happen is waiting for the teacher to figure everything out perfectly ahead of time. Often this turns into unboxed equipment locked in the closet waiting for that day when a teacher has extra time to read all directions, follow the online tutorials to the letter, and feel 100% confident that he or she can teach a lesson, answer all student questions, troubleshoot any problem along the way, and do it all before the bell rings. The trouble is, that day never comes.”

Martinez & Stager, 2013, p. 105-106

Martinez and Stager speak the truth here. If we wait for teachers to learn everything there is to know, before they teach with technology, it’s never going to happen. Teaching is a game of design risks, but too often we’re unwilling to take risks that make us uncomfortable. We’re fearful of the uncomfortable when in reality, we need to be uncomfortable more. When we’re uncomfortable, that’s when we learn something new. Embrace it.


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