iPad Apps

Often I’m asked, “What iPad apps should I be using?” My answer is usually, “It depends!” Yet, that response is rarely sufficient, therefore, below are some useful iPad apps. These are apps I’ve found to be helpful as I use my iPad during the day to work, do presentations, and teach, as well as apps that are helpful for facilitating student learning. Each app has a brief description of what it does. It should go without saying that just using these apps will likely not change you or your practice in any drastic ways. To do that, you have to have a purpose for which you would use these apps in a meaningful context. So I encourage you to talk with someone as you download and use apps with your students. If you don’t have someone to talk to, feel free to shoot me a tweet or email.

  • Pocket: Keep track of what you want to read or watch later. Integrates with many different apps.
  • Recorder Plus: Easy way to create audio recordings..and it’s free as opposed to Garageband for the iPad.
  • Zoom: Handy video conferencing app that works with nearly any platform. Great alternative to Google Hangout.
  • Google Drive: View and edit your Google Drive (docs) documents on your iPad
  • Prezi: Presentation app
  • VoiceThread: Collaboration; Create short digital stories using text, video, images, and sound
  • Blogger: Blogging app to use with Blogger.com
  • Edmodo: Edmodo is a learning management system; This app allows you to interact with your Edmodo site
  • Facebook: Access Facebook content, including Pages and Groups
  • Pinterest: Access, organize, and share your ideas and resources found online with others. Great for design and visual arts
  • Vimeo: View Vimeo videos through this app rather than through the iPad web browser
  • iMovie: Create movies and digital stories
  • iPhoto: Edit and organize your pictures
  • Sketch Book Express: Drawing app
  • Dropbox: Share files between your computer and iPad quickly and easily
  • D.A.T.A.: Data facilitation app
  • Teacher Pal: Personal organizer for teachers
  • Twitter: Connect with other educators to discuss education related topics; Great way to find resources
  • uPad: Handwriting app; Notes
  • Groupboard: Collaborative whiteboard and chat app
  • Clock Pro HD: A variety of clocks and timers
  • QRafter: Quick Response (QR) code reader
  • Calculator+: Calculator
  • Flipboard: Display blogs, news, and other information in a easier to consume medium
  • ClearSea: Video conferencing app
  • Polycom: Video conferencing app
  • Kindle: Download and read ebooks
  • Mendeley Reference Manager: Manage references; Highlight and create notes within documents like you would on a paper copy of the document
  • Evernote: Create and sync notes (text, image, audio) with your computer and iPad
  • Adobe Photoshop Express: Picture editing app
  • new.Annotate+PDF: Annotate over PDFs (Highlight, insert notes, etc.)
  • Bamboo Paper: Handwriting app; Notes
  • Skype: Video conferencing/chat app
  • iTunesU: Educational content repository
  • Panopto: Lecture capture app
  • iBooks: ebook reader
  • Netflix: Watch Netflix movies on your iPad
  • Pandora: Listen to music on your iPad
  • Angry Birds: Go Birds!
  • Draw Something: Drawing game; Collaborative
  • Words With Friends: Scrabble-like game; Collaborative

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