Final tech tip for 2009-2010

So this is my final tech tip for this school year and it isn’t going to be much more than keeping you aware of various resources that are available for you to use in your classroom as you begin to prepare for next year.  The first place I encourage you to look is right here.  Check out some of the things I have posted this year and see if you can find a way it works with what you want to do in your classroom.  I also suggest taking a look at my delicious list for a number of different Web sites I have bookmarked.  You will find a number of things you can use with your kids at any level.  I also suggest you look in my resources and other useful documents on my Technology Web page.  I will keep posting documents and other resources here for you to read and start thinking about.

As we end the school year I hope each of you will take time to relax and have fun this summer so you can come back all geared up for another busy but what I’m sure will be rewarding, school year.  I hope that over the summer you will take a little time to try something new to enhance your practice.  I suggest thinking of ways you can use some of the technology we already have, such as our Google Apps, Facebook Groups, Blogs, Wikis, and any of the other great things others have done in our district.  If you need any help or want to talk things over, just let me know.  I will be around all summer working on projects to make our computers and network even better.  I could also use the break as it tends to get a little isolated once everyone leaves for the summer.
Below are a list of the sites I just mentioned.



Have a technology project? Fill out the form…

If you have a technology project you need me to complete over the summer, please fill out this form.  Projects not submitted using this form will likely not be completed by the time you return in the fall.  Have a happy summer!