New job, new focus, new mission

It has been a busy summer and busy last couple of months.  It has been a rollercoaster for the last couple of months as I have accepted a new position at the University of Northern Iowa as a Technology Specialist for the Teacher Quality Partnership grant.  This is going to be a major shift from what I’m used to and it also means new challenges and new people to work with.  I leave the Cherokee Community School District having established relationships and gaining experience that will prove useful for many years to come.

As I start my new job at UNI, I have to look at what my focus should be and how I can accomplish it.  My role will still be somewhat more incompasing fo all things technology, but it should provide me more time to devote to learning with technology and how we can change our pedagogy to be more effective in our classrooms.  I look forward to working with new faculty and staff and the challenges they provide.

My first challenge I’m looking at has to do with Interactive Whiteboards.  IWB are in schools and universities throughout the state, but most of the time they don’t seem to add anything to instruction, other than some low level interaction on the computer.  My questions is, if this is all we can do with IWB, then why don’t we find a cheaper alternative, such as a Qomo tablet funnel the money saved into other programs that can have a larger impact on student learning?  To answer my question I will need to learn more about IWB and how they change pedagogy.  So if anyone has any resources, experiences, or anything else that might help, please send them my way.


What are Technology Tips

Tech tips of the week are random technology ideas and procedures that can help increase either student performance in the classroom or your skills as a technology infused instructor. Every week or so I will post a new tech tip about a new technology or how to do something new with an old technology. My tips usually only take a couple minutes to read and sometimes will be a video just to keep you thinking about how technology makes an impact in the lives of everyone. I will also post information on how to complete grades in JMC and other important information everyone needs to know.

Feel free to leave a comment on a post or page if you think of an idea others might find interesting. Hope everyone has a great year!